‘The Ballad of Carl Drega’ is, in my opinion, even better than ‘Send in the Waco Killers’. . . and Privacy Alert continues to be the best pro-freedom newsletter available, bar none.”                — Jon Ford, editorial director, Paladin Press  
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  Learn More About Privacy Alert   Aimed at helping you protect your vital personal and financial privacy in all aspects of your life, Privacy Alert has been praised by freedom fighters around the world as the best freedom-oriented newsletter in existence.Privacy Alert was born as the brain-child of highly acclaimed author, award-winning writer and columnist Vin Suprynowicz and is rooted in the critical need for this information. Vin’s story, his background, achievements, goals and philosophy in this enterprise will help you to understand what he’s up to here. Vin Suprynowicz   “The Libertarian” Assistant editorial-page editor of the 180,000-circulation daily Las Vegas Review-Journal and nationally syndicated libertarian columnist.  More About Vin Suprynowicz   Read Samples of   Vin’s Columns   
Vin is going far beyond the basic nuts and bolts of the immensely vital issue of privacy.  There’s a lot more to Privacy Alert than tips on how to hide assets, creating an alternate ID or how to beat the tax man.  Vin, in his inimitable and unique style, educates you and helps you to educate others.  The article below is a good example of what he can teach you.     Read Privacy Alert online each month . . .
WHY PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT: Sample of article from Privacy Alert Online, November 2002   NO PRESUMPTION OF PRIVACYThe whole story is a creature of the television age, of course.Twenty-four-hour news channels need dramatic footage to show over and over at the top of each hour, and on Sept. 20 they found themselves in possession of a piece of footage that fit the bill wonderfully — an Indiana woman, ominously described as a member of a family of “drifters”, had been captured by a store surveillance camera out in the parking lot on Sept. 13, apparently whacking her 4-year-old daughter repeatedly after loading her into the back seat of her SUV.Quickly, the magnificent tyranny of the modern snoop-and-grab surveillance state went into action. The camera had picked up the license plate number, and police and state “Child Welfare” agents quickly tracked the family down … though they publicly complained the extended family then “refused to cooperate” by turning over Madelyne Toogood and her daughter, Martha.So authorities decided to release the footage to the media, turning the young mom into America’s de facto “most wanted” for a day . . .Privacy Alert has teamed up with the new testostorm building supplement. It has created a lot of excitement among the gym fanatics and they expect this to be a great success. 
One of the regular features in Privacy Alert is a collection of terrible tidbits that we call: See a SAMPLE
Sample of article from Privacy Alert, May, 2000   HOSE OUT THE ANT FARMEric Harris and Dylan Klebold planned and carried out premeditated murder at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, in spring 1999. Those killings can never be justified.But the two lads did at least have the gumption to follow through on the part of their plan that called for them to take their own lives. Harris and Klebold thus join their victims in qualifying as the latest martyrs to the greatest failed social experiment of this century, the mandatory government youth propaganda camps, still known to most of the press and public as “public schools.”

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