Bodybuilding for Women


Worlds away from the casual Gym trainer, Bodybuilding as a serious Sport is generally one of the most intense and demanding of them all, requiring high amounts of physical and mental discipline in order to succeed.

The field of bodybuilding for women has always been treated as something of a far Cousin to the Male competitions and contests. Whereas the strong emphasis used to be on females developing the biggest possible muscles and ultimately following bodybuilding workouts for women, which would make the eyes of men water. Today, things have moved on quickly, and the Women look is finally back! Individuals all around the world have finally understood that bodybuilding workout session for women that make them appear like males is pointless and actually unappealing to most. Interestingly, bodybuilding for women is gradually turning into an extremely popular field as the evolution of sports towards the celebration of a more feminine look has enhanced the field’s appeal substantially.

Back in the 1980’s, the primary body shape that females wanted to posses in the bodybuilding field was that of male bodybuilders. Though, it order to add muscle mass and bulk in order to appear like men, anabolic steroids were usually necessary.

Stuff started to change by the end of that decade, with individuals desiring a more feminine look and the field started to transform into the sport that it seems to be today. Accentuating the women form with great musculature, while maintaining the beautiful curves that females are loved for.

The leading bodybuilding workouts for females

For anybody who is searching to substantially enhance their Body look from a beginner level upwards, a 4-day split is highly recommended.

In addition, since women tend to hold body fat in a more stubborn way than their counterparts, the most efficient bodybuilding workout trainings for women includes four sessions of cardio physical exercises for maximal fat burning.

Keep in mind that even though everyone responds in a different way, and if you see yourself becoming irritable, tired and feeling generally blue, then there’s a high probability than you’re overtraining. Therefore, don’t hesitate to back off a little and take an additional day rest between your sessions if needed.

Each and every exercise needs to be made via weights that are effectively manageable to perform for about 10 to 15 repetitions, since the primary focus on women’s workouts is toning and definition, instead of gaining mass.

A quick mention on the common myth of female bodybuilding. It is important to keep in mind that lifting strong weight won’t turn women into men! Their anatomical and genetic composition simply doesn’t allow that type of body growth without adding anabolic steroid. Therefore, all of you girls out there, don’t panic! You won’t end up with huge arms like your boyfriend.